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Vacations by Marriott - Rewards

Question asked by cannytourist on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2018 by yogib

Hi.  First time on here and hoping someone can help.

I was on looking to book 2 rooms in Lima next year.  I saw the options and was keen on the JW but then also saw the link to take me to Vacations by Marriott which I thought would be good to book the travel and rooms in one place - easier - and that's what I did.  Delighted - and thought I'd get 5000 extra points for booking the flights with Marriott.

I was then horrified to find out that I won't get any points for the room bookings, even though Marriott Hotels were (understandably I thought at the time) the only hotel options offered, as in fact Marriott use Expedia for the Vacations site.

I have tried in vain to complain about this but was told that this is clarified on the FAQ part of the website.  I'd no reason to go to the FAQs' so how could I have seen that!  I booked the whole trip via a link straight from, to another (apparently) Marriott website, so surely it was reasonable of me to think that I'd still get my room points?

Can anyone help with this, either in terms of helping me get the points for the rooms, or how to complain to someone in some kind of authority who can deal with it?  I've called and emailed the Rewards Support team, but unfortunately say htat they have been absolutely awful in that they haven't even tried to understand y point of view - they just keep saying "it's on the FAQ - tough!".