Lack of customer service for all members

Discussion created by campfam3 on Dec 15, 2017
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I am writing to you this morning regarding your companies lack of customer service.  While, I realize that you are a company that is based all over the world and have millions of customers that spend millions of dollars in your hotels - I believe that you have forgotten that everyday people are customers also.  We are not all CEO's, world travelers or celebrities.


Recently, I booked a stay at the Gaylord Texas resort in Grapevine, Texas as a surprise Christmas gift to my husband and family.  We were recently relocated to the Dallas area for my husband's job and were not able to take a vacation this year, so this was going to be it for us.  I booked this trip on November 7th to try to beat the rush that I knew would want to enjoy your hotel and amenities during the holiday season. As we are rewards members, I wanted to use our anniversary certificate for one nights stay at the Gaylord Texan and we would pay for the other night.  I booked the reservation online through your website and even did an online chat with customer service to see the best way to make a two night reservation with the certificate.  I was told it needed to be two separate reservations and to follow up with the hotel regarding not having to change rooms.  On November 14th, I contacted the hotel and spoke with a gentleman at the front desk regarding our reservations and wanted to verify we would not have to check out of a room Saturday and move to a different room on Sunday.  He stated that we were set to remain in the same room for both nights and it would be a center atrium room, however on Sunday morning I would need to go to the front desk to have our keys redone for Sunday night.  I asked him to confirm this information again and he stated that "Yes, we have you in room XXXX" for both nights.


I received an email yesterday, 12/14/17, stating that we did not have enough points for our stay as our anniversary certificate was not for this "class type" of hotel.  I immediately contacted the customer service department, they stated I could purchase points or make a new reservation.  However, the rooms were at a MUCH higher rate compared to the reservation I made almost 45 days ago and that the hotel was at capacity so they may not be able to accommodate me.   Brandi was the representative that assisted me at first and she was very helpful, however we ended up getting disconnected and she never bothered to call me back.  My phone number is listed on our Rewards profile!  I then had to call back and reexplain the situation to a new person, Kristy, who was EXTREMELY helpful.  However, she was only able to do so much as we are within 48 hours from our "VACATION."  So now, we have been downgraded to an exterior room, not center atrium which I reserved specifically for this event, and we cannot be guaranteed to have beds for all three of us.  If we arrive early enough, we MAY get two queen beds or we MAY be able to get a roll away bed but there are no guarantees. 


We began with a free nights room and I paid for the upgrade for a center atrium room.

Now we have been ousted and downgraded to:

  • Paying for both nights (which I am fine with) but at a MUCH HIGHER rate
  • Moving to an exterior room without a view of the atrium all together, while again paying MORE
  • Not having enough beds for 3 people in our room
  • Being notified 48 hours before our arrival, without many options
There were many opportunities where I reached out to your staff in several different areas, that could have informed me my certificate was not eligible for this stay.  While I realize I should have known this LARGE detail, and everyone I spoke with yesterday made it VERY CLEAR this was my fault, I was unaware.  We have used our certificates for many years and not had any trouble, so I was not aware of this specific restriction. This lack of service is what that makes the technology of today useful to the "average customer" and it is sad that corporations don't realize the impact of customer service even on the smallest of customers.


We have been loyal Marriott rewards members for several years, as well as have your Marriott rewards credit card.  Marriott has always treated us a "no less than any other customer" style and we certainly have enjoyed the perks that come with the rewards program.  However, I am very disappointed at the lack of customer service, attention to detail and loyalty to ALL of your customers regardless of "class type". Program Conversations Customer Support