Positive changes in LNF claims processing time?

Discussion created by fistuk on Dec 14, 2017

Yesterday I submitted another claim and was shocked by the speedy response time for my claim - it got approved within 2 hours only!


Now that's definitely something we're not used to, as I'd definitely say out of my vast experience that the average response time has been around 12 hours so far.

Wheb I enquired about this, asking if there's a specific change in the LNF team or is it just due to low demand, I was told:

"We were able to review your claim quicker than normal today. We want to reply to claims as quick as possible to be able to find the comparison rate. We were just a little faster than normal today."


So, hopefully a positive change in processing our claims due to a better approach where the LNF team understands the importance of validating the claim ASAP?


Time will tell...