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How do Rewarding Events work?

Question asked by clebert on Dec 14, 2017
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I won't renew platinum without a mattress run which I'm probably not going to do.  I've seen advice on some of the blogs and Facebook sites saying to rent a conference room at a Marriott under the "Rewarding Events" program.  The website is unclear about whether a rewarding event earns elite nights or not.  It says 10 elite nights for a rewarding event, but then when I try to reserve a conference room and get to the checkout page, there's no mention of elite nights.  Some people think you need to reserve a block of at least 10 rooms to get 10 elite nights (which makes sense).  But some people claim they've booked a conference room without hotel rooms, and they've received 10 elite nights.  Does it depend on the property?  Anyone tried this?