Fall 2017 MegaBonus - How is it going?

Discussion created by bejacob on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by pluto77

After getting off to a horrible start on the Fall 2017 MegaBonus, the IT struggles finally got resolved and bonus points started posting. Unlike most previous MegaBonuses, the promotions page at Marriott doesn't track the total points earned. It's possible to see part one (make two stays and earn a free night).

Part two is also shown (earn 10,000 points after 5 more stays)

After that, you're one your own. Each stay after the first 7 (2 for part one, plus 5 for part two) earns 1,000 points, but it doesn't show up anywhere on the promotions page. Those points appear as "extra" points attached to each stay (PAG points or any other additional points such as skipping housekeeping will be lumped in as one total all labeled "extra").


While I know a fair number of Insiders decided to try out SPG for their more lucrative bonus, some of us have stuck with Marriott for one reason or another (my reason is to accrue additional night toward lifetime status). The promotion runs until Jan 15, 2018. How many points will you end up accumulating by the time it ends?