New to rewards program - question on rollover nights

Discussion created by commie on Dec 12, 2017
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I joined the Marriott rewards program near the end of last year, 2016.


For 2017, I had 8 nights roll over.

I got the Marriott rewards credit card in early 2017.

As of today, I have 80 nights (8 rollover nights from 2016 plus a mixture of 74 nights between stays and nights from the credit card).


My question(s):

Since I am currently platinum, does this carry over for all of 2018?

If nothing changes, then will 24 nights rollover into 2018?

Given the credit card, I believe that it gives me 15 elite nights every year. So does this mean that I will automatically start 2018 with 39 nights?

If all the above is true, then am I actually better off not accruing another night this year?