Anyone else having customer service issues?

Discussion created by jpv1087 on Dec 12, 2017
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I am now on hour 2 of resolving what should be one of the easiest items - obtain a copy of a recent bill.  I recently booked three rooms for some business associates coming to town at our nearby Marriott.  To make travel as smooth as possible for the associates I requested to place all three reservations on my card so that they would not have to.  Ahead of doing this, I confirmed with the front desk that I would receive the points as I was covering the full expense.  I was assured that would be the case.


Fast forward to last night - I log on to the my account and see the points added and was able to obtain 2 of the 3 bills for the stay so that I could submit reimbursements.  One of the stays was missing so I called customer service to get it.  I was quickly placed on a 30 minute hold that I eventually ended as I had to leave for the day.  I later received a voicemail from the service rep that had me on hold, informing me not that he had found my bill and was sending it, but that I was not entitled to the points earned and that he was reversing them.


Needless to say, this was frustrating.  The points issue aside, my most basic request was not processed.  I called in again today to get resolution and I was first scolded for suggesting I would get points for this and then again put on hold, this time for 25 minutes.  Eventually a front desk representative from the actual hotel picked up and had no context as to why I was calling... Cold transfer? Really?  She was courteous but suggested I call back and speak with a supervisor.


I called the line now a third time and when put through to a supervisor was able to finally get my bill and the points I earned returned.  2 hours later and finally received my bill.  I don't recall ever having issues with Marriott support before... Is something up?