The Missing My Little Pony

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Hope you all don't mind me sharing a little story with everyone. I would like to report *INCREDIBLE* service that I received at the SpringHill Suits in Orange Beach at the Warf (Alabama). We stayed there on a trip from San Antonio to Florida for Thanksgiving. The morning of check-in, my daughter had left her stuffed animal (Twilight Sparkle pony) in the bed at the Beaumont Courtyard Marriott. She had realized it just as we were getting out of the car to check in at the SpringHill. My daughter was devastated. Tears streaming, I tried to console her and asked that she not cry when we go to check in so as not to create a scene. My daughter calmed herself, and the receptionist / manager on duty, Jay Jarvis, could tell that she had been crying. She leaned over and asked her what was wrong and my daughter told her that she lost her stuffed animal at the last hotel. Within seconds (without even suggesting it), Ms. Jarvis called the Courtyard in Beaumont and had everyone at that hotel searching for the stuffed animal. This made my daughter immensely happy, knowing that someone cared enough. We went to our room feeling pretty good, and happy for the great service. We left to go get dinner, and... after only an hour later, were SHOCKED when we came back to the hotel.


Sitting on the counter by the front desk, was a brand new Twilight Sparkle pony doll. We couldn't believe it. Ms. Jarvis had mobilized her team and someone on her staff had gone out and bought a new Twilight Sparkle stuffed animal, I don't even know from where. I could not even conceive of this kind of service, or for that matter... care and concern. I was blown away... truly, truly blown away. I mean, these things don't even happen at the most exclusive of hotels. Jay had also followed-up with the hotel in Beaumont, verified they found the stuffed animal and had it waiting for us on the trip back.


You have a customer for life. I only hope / beg that if Marriott corporate is reading this, there's some way they might be willing to recognize Ms. Jarvis for her actions. I am truly impressed... 



Thank you!


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