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OK, let's admit it--we never ever eat in Fast Food restaurants do we? It's always top dollar steakhouses or other fine dining places when we travel on business or pleasure. Right? If staying at a hotel we always eat all our meals there! (not)


Actually I have succumbed to fast food more times than I ever thought I would, which accounts for my traditionally built physique.


cups.pngI have a favorite, where it's a religious experience to drink from a paper cup, and yes, it's that cult place, IN'N'Out Burger!! We finally got one in Monterey, but the city fathers decided that it needed to be more subdued--no bright outside colors, just drab ones.  The lines out the door were horrendous when it opened--guess most of us never noticed the new color scheme. Still love the smell when you walk in and the cleanliness of the stores.


burger.jpgINOB, as we insiders call it, has a legacy that mirrors Marriott's. Harry Snyder started with one place in 1947, in Baldwin Park CA, when he was just out of the Army Air Force, and built an empire that is still privately owned and consistently voted the best place to have a burger, even though it's a west coast thing.  Menu's virtually unchanged since they opened, except that Coke replaced Pepsi long ago (which they regret) over a distribution snafu. And the addition of the Double Double was recent, maybe in the 60's.


Of course we love to order from the Secret Menu, which is anything but, and love the service with a smile that comes with the meal. Nothing is ever too hard, or not doable at INOB.  They are also philanthropists, and among the least publicity seeking of the group of FF places.


OK fast food junkies: What's your favorite and why? Details please.


PS: I've eaten Five Guys and find it overly greasy, and the eating space is messy, but that's just my take.  And no biblical verses anywhere! Phatburger = meh! Just me, my personal taste. And, no free paper hats either.


Had what was supposed to be the best burger in Manhattan at Five Points (it has closed by now and maybe I am to blame?)  I gave them a less than stellar Zagat review--about the cost, wnich was astronomical and the burger far from worth even a tenth of what I paid. Live and learn. Go to IN'N'Out and live dangerously.