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Horrible service from the US agent

Question asked by barbarra on Dec 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2017 by communitymanagers

I am so disappointed the service of the agent from the US. My location is Hong Kong and I had tried to call US team as it was out of business time in HK. I tried to book the room JW Marriot Shenzhen through the JW website and there was a message that the website is being changed and asked me to go to previous version of it and I had to start all the way from signing in and setting the date, which was bothered. After finishing booking, it shows only 1 Adult on an email confirmation letter even if I put 3. I called to 1-800-228-9290 and one woman agent got the phone and her voice was so loud as my ears hurt. Even if I told her the website did not allow me to put 3 adults and I had go to previous version of the website, she did not even care. She was like shouting at me "You want me to put 3?" which was not really helpful. I wanted proper explanation why the system could not generate what I put as 3. And she sent me another confirmation letter as 2 Adult. I was like what...? I asked her again to change 3 Adults. And then she did it again.


Overall, I got even shocked how she had that kind of service in Marriot. That service is the worst that I have ever had. Her voice was so loud which sounds definitely unkind. She was bothered to say anything further information. She was like you say what you want thats it. She was not trying to find out what I have an issue and did not explain what I had inconvenience.


I at least want to hear that this kind of service is normal in Marriot.