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speed.jpgWhat was the fastest car you ever drove and what was your top speed? On Germany's autobahn I was hitting 145 mph on some of the straightaways. Even then I was passed by left-lane-loving Porsche drivers chewing up the road. Never got nailed by their radar (yes they have it), or late for a meeting.


Potentially, the fastest car I ever drove (at way below the speed limit) was a test drive in a 1966 Shelby Cobra at a Ford Dealer back in the 1960s.  The car was way out of my price range, but the dealer was bored and rode with me. We kept it a reasonable pace but the feeling of rumble was there, waiting for my right foot to engage it.


A good friend has a totally reconditioned 1965, a multi millon dollar real Cobra in jet black. He has done zero to one hundred to zero miles per hour in 12 seconds! at the track of course. Or so he says. Sitting in the passenger seat when you start off is like being kicked in the chest as you are hurled backward by the car's incredible get-up.