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Your First Marriott Meal?

Question asked by anadyr on Dec 10, 2017
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SSAD.jpgI go back to the middle 60s for a way-back-remembrance of eating in a DC-based Sirloin and Saddle Marriott Hotel restaurant. Fancy dress up, elegant service. We had a Caesar Salad prepared table side and then Steak Diane, prepped the same way. It was an expensive date, about 18 dollars in all, with non-alcoholic beverages (I was over 21 but under able to pay for even a beer. It was amazing, and of course, a real dent in my meager grad school salary as a Teaching Assistant.





My first DC area Hot Shoppes meal was in 1966, and I know that because I was being vetted for my first job (and not as a vet by the way).  Had a Mighty Mo hamburger, which was excellent and a couple bucks. Finished with a Cold Coke. A bunch of Roy Rogers got mixed in with Hot Shoppes Junior later. It was a tour d' Marriott force!


When rrs.pngwas your firsthsj.jpg Marriott dining experience and where was it?