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Marriott points: ResidenceInn lowest ?

Question asked by deejeedave on Dec 10, 2017
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greetings from Belgium. I am frequent traveller with stays in Canada (normally Residence Inns) and in Europe (Netherlands, Germany, normally Marriott or Renaissance), but my head is always stuck if I see the points that i got of my stays.

For final understanding, can somebody explain me why a 4days stay in a Residence Inn for a total of 850CAD gets me

+4,467 Points (2,178 Base + 1,089 Elite + 1,200 Extra), where a 1 night stay at Renaissance for a total of 115EUR get me +3,363 Points (1,242 Base + 621 Elite + 1,500 Extra).

I assume this is correct ? How can i recalculate this ? So with Residence Inns, i won't be "rich" :-)


Thanks !!