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Severe Point Shortage

Question asked by cwlaurent on Dec 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2017 by brightlybob

I have a question to make sure I will not be in the wrong when I bring this up with customer service.


So I just recently stayed 20X nights at a Category 6 Marriott over in the UK and spent right around $3000. What my understanding is that I should receive right around 30,000 base points as well as another 15,000 bonus points as I am a platinum member. Am I correct in this calculation?


So what they credited me with is only 5,622 points total with 3,748 being base and 1,874 being my 50% Platinum bonus. That's right around 1 point a dollar which doesn't seem right at all.


Anyone have a legitimate / plausible reason for what this might have happened.