Another Fabulous Stay in Paradise

Discussion created by jearmst on Dec 10, 2017
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I have spent an extensive amount of time in many different hotel chains but of late, I have become partial to the Marriott  chain of hotels. I find that the best of my stays have been outside of the United States and specifically, those in the Asian theater.  Recently, my travels landed me in Bangkok, Thailand and in three months time, I thoroughly enjoyed my stays at three different Marriott facilities (Hua Hin Marriott Resorts, Bangkok Courtyard Marriott and Bangkok Marriott, Sukhumvit ).  Of these, I was taken aback by the type and level of service that I received while at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit.  I continuously found myself surprised by the staff and the attentiveness that they exhibited on a daily basis.  Each staff member extended every measure of courtesy and effort to ensure that my stay was comfortable and  all of my needs were effectively met. The staff was first rate but I want to single out Kun Aun L. who works as an assistant manager in the 57th Street restaurant at the hotel.  Each time I frequented this facility, she exhibited a genuine level of concern and effort to assist and accommodate which exceeded my every expectation.  Although she worked as a primary on the 57th The restaurant staff, she effectively helped me to resolve issues or matters that extended beyond the scope of the dining facility.  Her attentiveness and ability to exercise her influence with authority and precision to assist me was commendatory.  It is actions like these which greatly help to distinguish one (similar) hotel over another.  Because of her actions, attention to detail and degree of professionalism, I would recommend this hotel without reservation. 

Bangkok Marall of my needs were met.  riott Hotel Sukhumvit