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I had a very bad experience in this 5 star hotel and am going to share it with everyone. I checked in around 10pm on Nov 9, 17 (3 nights). On the morning after, my husband & I went down to lobby to get breakfast around 8:45am, 45 minutes later he came back to the room and found out that the cash envelope was left inside his wallet was gone (all cash /1,140 usd). He reported it to the front office and the manager came in with IT technician to check the door lock, which showed a housekeeper opened the lock at 9:05am and my husband came to open it again at 9:43am. We were asking local Zurich polices to investigate and also do a request fingerprint search + floor hallway camera search but both sides (hotel manager and 3 police officers) denied my request. The hotel manager brought the housekeeper who serviced my room and her supervisor in but of course that lady said "NO", even though her face looked very pale. After more than an hour interviewing ours and that lady (separately), everything was gone. And then, late that evening I got a police report like that: "Die unbekannte Taterschaft entwendet Bargeld aus einer Umhangetasche, wetche im Hotelzimmer auf dem Burotisch abgestellt war. Sie fluchtet unerkannt in unbekannte Richtung."

I brought this to get translate from all customers in Lobby they all shook their head on this story. After 45 minutes have passed after the incident happened, the front end manager and 3 local police officers could not find out who is and all customers in lobby said those officers + manager tried to cover up to their employee. When police officers and the manager were in our room, I told them this: I had been through many many hotels for much traveling and that I made a big mistake to put my #1 trust in this 5 star Marriott hotel and also to very honest Switzerland people while all of them were ready to betray mine. Even though there was proof from when the IT technician retrieved the data of the times when the door lock was opened which showed the housekeeper was the one who came into my room in that time frame, they claimed that they could not find any conclusion. I showed the police report to everyone and all have had big laugh on it. How about yours?? I would need more opinions about this. All though will be very much appreciated.


I still kept Zurich police report with me as proof.