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We're smelling smoke here from the fires in Southern CA, and there is a definite haze in the air here in  Monterey. The fire season here has become a year-round thing, not just summertime.  We hope that all Insiders and everyone living or visiting are safe.


87.jpgHaving lived through one of these events (The 1987 Pebble Beach fire), I feel a kind of trepidation, but, I know that the firefighters are excellent and doing their jobs. We had a mandatory evacuation and spent the night sleeping on the floor of a friend's living room. Our house was spared when the winds shifted and never crossed the highway (CA 68). Forty houses were leveled in this fire. Fires are a constant worry here, since we live in pine forest with large trees and plenty of fuel.  We've cleared a defensible space, but living in redwood sided house in a forest does not bode well for us in the event of a major fire.