Residence Inn Jacksonville Butler Boulevard

Discussion created by ladym2011 on Dec 7, 2017

I stayed at this location over the weekend and I was not please with my overall stay. Checking in was very simple; however, I need to know if someone ever experienced this before.


I walked around my room and I noticed a paper on the table that I didn't think belonged there but didn't think anything of it. As I'm checking out the rest of the suite, I enter the bathroom area which took me by huge surprise. The sink is filled with dirty soapy water, there is a wash cloth laying across the sink, the trash can in the bathroom is full of trash, the bathtub is dirty, and the other trash cans throughout the room has trash in them too. Immediately I saw red and called downstairs. The woman at the front desk is just as shocked as I am immediately moved to another room. She insisted that my room would be comped, which I was completely in agreement with, and that she would leave a message on my phone when it was figured out. I woke up the next morning, no message had been left and I was billed for the entire stay. Before eating breakfast, I went to the front desk and no one had any knowledge of the situation, and I was called by the manager maybe 20 minutes later. He ended up giving me 5,000 points, but I feel as though I should have been granted what I was promised. Should I press the issue or just let it go?