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A missing package please!

Question asked by eahlms on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by anadyr

Hi All, I'm looking for some advice. I've just had a very unfortunate incident with a Marriott chain hotel in which I have (stupidly) managed to leave a package behind.  Having checked out yesterday morning I rang to attempt to the retrieve the item today and there is no record of my (rather large) item being found by housekeeping and therefore they cannot retrieve my parcel.

I understand I am at fault here for having left an item in my room but I have to say I trusted that said item would not have gone 'missing' due to my past experiences at the hotel chain. Having asked housekeeping to double check (as I know for a fact that the rather large package containing a christmas present, was left on the bed) they have rang back and said they still have no record and are unable to help.

I believe my next steps would now be to ring the police but I was wondering if any of you frequent travellers have any advice on how I may be able to resolve this directly with either the hotel in question, or Marriott more widely? Or any similar personal experiences?

I'm obviously really disappointed and disheartened as somewhere along the line, my rather expensive christmas present seems to have been swiped. Not what I expected from a Marriott chain