No more newspapers and no more folios

Discussion created by baggageclaim on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2017 by theretiree

This morning I stopped at the front desk to ask for my folio and was told the new push to paperless means two things: no more newspapers across the Marriott brands and no more printed folios.  Both of these decisions push the cost to you, the frequent traveler.  How many times have you waited days to get a folio?  How many times have you encountered an error on your final bill?  How will that impact you?


How about that newspaper?  I get that many, especially millennial, see them as archaic and prefer the phone or other device.  But I don't want to bring the iPad to dinner by myself.  I cannot always be assured of an internet connection at the restaurant.  And, to be a bit indelicate, many folks bring the paper to bathrooom; truly no place for the tablet or phone.


Very simple way to address both complaints - incorporate it into the frequent traveler profile and benefits package.  I am very disappointed that someone at Marriott Corporation decided what is best for me.  I need a folio at checkout without having to stand at the front desk, and I prefer a paper for travel to help me stay informed and to bring with me wherever I go.  Hilton still has both.