Bed Type - Guaranteed?

Discussion created by nationwide on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by iahflyr

When is the last time as an elite of any stripe you didn’t get your preferred bed type?  For me, it has to have been years.  Well, that is until last night at the Atlanta Marriott Northwest.  No water in the room.  Strategically placed close to the elevator.  Come on Marriott! 


Full disclosure: To note, the hotel is full.  I didn’t arrive until 9 PMish due to a flight delay.  I had told them 8PM on the app.  Had not eaten, so left the hotel with my boss to grab a bite.  I didn’t have the energy to go back to the desk and stand in line.  So, might they have switched?  Probably.  Why should I have to do that though.  For those frequent Insiders who really pay attention, this is the same hotel that whiffed on an opportunity to celebrate my 1,000th night with Marriott.  They made it right with points (later), and asked me to give them another try.  I did.  Hello double beds!  Ugh!