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Reservation booked at a Marriott property - found out the hotel name and rewards program had changed to SPG when I checked in - they will not honor Marriott rewards, even though that's what the reservation was booked through? What do I do?

Question asked by ktann on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2017 by erc

This has been incredibly frustrating. On 11/28, I booked a reservation for the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead in Atlanta. I had our corporate travel agency book the hotel because our client has a rate at this property. They booked my reservation that began today, on 12/4, and I received two confirmation emails - one from our travel agency and the second from the Ritz Carlton Buckhead confirming the stay. Upon arrival today, I found out that the name of the property has changed to The Whitley and it is no longer a Ritz Carlton/Marriott property, it is now an SPG property...and the only way to earn points is by giving my SPG rewards number.




Here's what I've been told since I've been here: The property switched names/rewards programs on 12/1 and apparently there were "signs" posted to alert people to this change. I've asked how people were notified and where signs were posted and I have yet to receive a clear direct response. I have searched through both of my inboxes to make sure I didn't miss an email and I've received nothing - the only email I have is from the Ritz Carlton confirming my stay.  It's also the end of the year, and this stay was critical for me to achieve Platinum status, which I now won't be able to do. When I raise this point to customer service, I'm told not to worry because the points transfer across programs. I've reminded them that the points don't transfer to accrue status, though, at which point I'm told there's nothing they can do.


I'm trying to understand how I can book a reservation under one chain/rewards program and then arrive to find it under another without any level of communication. The man checking in next to me was experiencing the same thing. In the elevator he told me that he stayed at this property just a week ago and there was no mention of a name change, so he was equally as surprised to see the changes when checked in today.


This has been some of the worst customer service I have ever received - I wouldn't have booked this hotel had I known it were SPG since I am so close to Platinum with Marriott. When I said that at the front desk and tried to cancel my reservation to go to the Marriott nearby, the front desk agent told me I was inside the 72 hour cancellation policy and would be charged. I didn't make a reservation with The Whitley, an SPG property. I made a reservation with the Ritz Carlton, a Ritz Carlton/Marriott rewards property.


Everything about this feels shady and the entire experience has been infuriating. If this is a glimpse into 2018 and how the migration of both rewards programs will be handled then we should all jump ship to Hilton. Has anyone else experienced this?