The latest Marriott SNAFU - Cancelled reservations without notification

Discussion created by 702rugbyref on Dec 5, 2017
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I booked 4 rooms for 3 nights in Denver City Marriott over 6 months ago. I am on the phone with Marriott IT because not able to view a bill from my stay last weekend in Phoenix (HORRIBLE new website BTW) when I thought while I am on hold I would look at my upcoming stays. On the website it listed only 3 (and I have probably 20 already booked before June) so I figured I would look closer. I checked the 'cancelled' reservations and every one of my Denver reservations next month were listed as cancelled -now I am Pi$$ed.

Customer service who I was speaking with had no idea, transferred me to another and for 45 minutes realized the property has been sold to Hilton. NEVER was I notified of this change and to better this, my reservations did not exist with Hilton either (national meeting btw) was scheduled at this property. Marriott CS could get me at a Courtyard several blocks away but would not honor the rate I secured.

Now, let me ask the community and I sure hope the MR managers chime in on this:

1) Should Marriott have notified me of the change of ownership of the hotel?

2) Should they have notified me of the cancellation of my 12 nights equivalent?

3) Should Marriott not have at least honored the rate at a nearby property (Renaissance is much closer than the CY alternative and no rate match/still not respected)?


To be clear, Hilton had no record of my reservations either. I NEVER cancelled the Marriott reservations and by chance  I discovered this.

In my opinion, absolutely disrespected as a loyal customer an even if  I were not a PE - now with over 200 nights this year in my account, I am extremely disappointed with the initial action by Marriott to cancel my reservations without warning or advisement and to subsequently not honor the rate at the nearby hotel.