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Europe in Spring 2018 - where to go?!?!?!?!?!

Question asked by thriftyscrooge on Dec 3, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2018 by bayareawolf

Hello insiders!


I'm in the process of planning my family's annual spring/ pre-summer vacation to Europe in late April /first week of May 2018 to coincide with my wedding anniversary; as the last 2 times have taught me, it pays to ask here before making any bookings! Our prior trips to London, Amsterdam and Paris have been greatly influenced by the sage wisdom imparted by the awesome members here, and I'm hoping this time is no different :-).


So here's the situation: we're traveling with a precocious ~4 yr old , and are planning on staying at just one property through the trip (7 night hotel + Air package already purchased), and anything up to a Marriott Cat 9 works for us. We're pretty adventurous for toddler toters, and don't mind walking and using public transport, and are big on parks, gardens, and day trips. We'd like to get in some history, eat great food and love to explore destinations "organically" on foot, while pushing around a stroller. Pretty much anything family friendly is ok!


Things that are important to us: as a Platinum, I def. look for a complimentary room upgrade, and for free breakfast. We NEED a pool... helps our sanity as our toddler splashes around after being out and about all day.


Great service, great concierges, and location matter. Personal connections to hotel GMs and golden key concierges are def. welcome, since I always communicate with the hotels well in advance.


For now, I'm considering Barcelona, Rome, and maybe Florence (would consider car rental for this one), just based on the few threads i've seen so far. I'm not against any other cities we haven't visited yet, but considering its 7 nights, it needs to have enough locally and close-by to keep us engaged. Also, given that it's not summer time, warmer weather is a must; which is why I haven't looked into Switzerland, Germany, etc..... might consider it, if someone can share more insight.


Sorry for the broad strokes. Looking forward to an enlightening discussion, and hoping to meet some of the regulars here at Tipple here in the DC area in April!