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How do I use Marriott Points to book an international flight on an airline

Question asked by landrykj on Dec 3, 2017
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Travel via airlines using Marriott Points
I'm trying to use my points for air and hotel travel. I'm attempting to travel to New Zealand and Fiji in June 2018.  According to Marriott Customer Service, they do not make those arrangements for air; only for hotel. In order to make air travel utilizing the points, I have to contact the airline and obtain the number of points needed to travel and then contact Marriott again and ask them to transfer the points to that airline and then I can make the arrangements using those points. Seemingly an ordeal in light of the fact that the airlines are allegedly partners with Marriott and seemingly, the Marriott Customer Service should be able to make the arrangements for flights as well as hotel. Am I wrong?  Is there an easier way to do this because so far it's been a nightmare.