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I am beyond frustrated with my simple request for a refund!!!!

Question asked by tmcg67 on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by jsucool76

Why am I getting the runaround from Marriott Customer Service? I am a loyal rewards and insider member and I get no help at all. I recently booked a stay at the SpringHill Suites Boulder/Longmont and cancelled the trip 2 weeks before the scheduled stay. I found out a few weeks later that I did not receive a refund. Upon inquiring I was told that because I am a rewards member and paid up front that I would receive no refund from customer service. They told me that the hotel property had the final say and they could make a 1 time exception given that i have stayed at Marriott properties so frequently and am a loyal rewards member. When I contacted the hotel GM she would not call me back. I finally got a hold of her and she told me that she would only offer me a petty 1000 Points. I told her I was not satisfied and she did not care. I contacted the customer service line and they rudely told me that "we back up the property GM and there is nothing we could do." I asked how to escalate the concern and they said I had already done that by calling them. Finally, someone told me i could "call headquarters." I asked them who I speak to and she told me "that's not my department" I asked her what the process is for escalating and she said "this is the process." I called headquarters and was transferred to the "customer service" line again. I am so frustrated with Marriott and I will lobby for my company to end our relationship. communitymanagers marriottinsiders