Destination Fees

Discussion created by nationwide on Dec 4, 2017
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I know we've had some sidebar discussions on the subject of "destination fees," however, I ran into them again in Newport Beach, CA last week and thought I would give the subject its own thread.  As a Platinum member, I find the destination fees, amenity fees, and resort fees extremely annoying.  Why not simply include these things in the room rate?   I know Marriott has sought to distinguish between them, but I cannot see a difference.  It's a surcharge that we are forced to pay for items we already get, or are unlikely to use.  Why, beyond our room rate, should we subsidize the amenities of the property if we can't use them?  Calling things to my attention that I can't use is like kicking sand in my face (sorry, I was at the beach).  What do you think about these fees Insiders?  Is there any value in them for us?  Have I missed something here?


To me, it seems but a pure profit center for the hotels.  I have included the destination fee card they gave me with my room keys in the picture below.  When I'm on business travel, there is no way I have time to take advantage of the sauna.  As a platinum guest, I already get complimentary bottles of water, high speed internet access, and free local and domestic long distance calls.  Anyone had any success in getting them to remove the Destination Fee from your bill?  What was your approach?  I love the insult to injury kicker at the end... they tax you on the destination fee too!!!  Grrrr!!!


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