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Boston Wharf Residence Inn Experience

Question asked by craig.furches on Nov 29, 2017
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I recently booked a trip to Boston (on points) to celebrate my daughters 16th birthday.  I made a reservation that said it had a room with bedroom suite, a queen bed and a sofa bed at a Residence Inn in the Wharf.  When we arrived everything started great.  They told me they had given me a free upgrade because of my status; fantastic!  When I get to my room, I have a room that has a bedroom and a sofa bed; no additional queen bed???  I approach the front desk and explain that while I appreciate the upgrade, I need the room with the additional bed.  They inform me that their property does not have a room that large and they gave me the largest room available.  While I appreciate them being very apologetic, my problem still exists.  I need a room with 2 beds, not 1 bed and a sofa bed, after all that's what I used over 100k in points to get.  The front desk was again apologetic and offered to give me a second room if I wanted to use additional points?  What???  Use more of my points to get a second room, when I had already paid a ton of points to get the space I needed.  I told them that my family had no choice over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and we would have to make do.  They then offered to refund my points that I had spent.  Wow, that is customer service and I was truly grateful.  While I realize the 3 nights that I would be there would be cramped they tried to make a bad situation better. 


Now the reason I share, is because after the fact, after I have left town, after I have no ability to speak with the people face to face, they have actually not refunded my points.  If anyone can give me advice?  Normally, I receive an email to give feedback on my previous stays, but this time, nope no chance to give feedback. 


In advance, thanks to anyone who can help and I will continue to be a loyal Marriott member, however I just want to be given what was offered to me by the specific hotel.  Great property, perfect location, but sleeping on a sofa bed was not my idea of a family trip.