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What happens to Gold for Life with SPG

Question asked by vantzy on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by vantzy

I have been asking this since the merger with customer service and management and have not got an answer...


Does it just goes away and 10 15 years of travel with SPG gets diluted with the embedded message that you should have been loyal to Marriott instead of SPG for all those years silly person?  And your loyalty to SPG to earn a lifetime status means nothing really now that you are part of Marriott.


This bugs me since the explanation for making changes is as follows:



1. Why is Marriott Rewards making these changes?

We are dedicated to delivering quality and consistency for our most loyal members. These changes will help ensure that we continue to provide exceptional Elite experiences during every stay. We want to ensure our most loyal Marriott Rewards and SPG Elite members who have linked their accounts and matched their status enjoy their earned Elite benefits such as lounge access and room upgrades on a consistent basis.


I am Gold for Life at SPG and currently Platinum at Marriott.  That should make me a most loyal member with SPG hence the term "for life" in my status.  That says Gold for not a week, month or year it says life...  So according to the explanation we should maintain our lifetime status from SPG to ensure the most loyal members enjoy their earned benefits.


Mr. Sorenson, CEO has said on CNBC many times he believes loyalty programs are important and when asked by Becky Quick, Squawk on the Street Hostess about the rewards program Mr. Sorenson said (paraphrasing here) we intend to take and keep the best things from each loyalty program.  Well lifetime status seems like something good to maintain and I hope he is true to his words on CNBC.