Encore Package Gone Wrong

Discussion created by phiranang on Nov 28, 2017

Actually on our Encore Package stay in Vail as this message is being written. What a huge disappointment! This is our second Encore Package stay but we've already purchased additional points so no sales "pitch" required. Got to the Streamside in Vail on Sunday night expecting the Marriott standard. We have possibly the worst room in the Evergreen building, directly above parking garage with a view of the wall and parking lot above, right next to elevator, floor lobby area and exit to ski locker. Called the front desk to ask if different room was available, maybe even different building (Douglas), but was told we needed to speak to Marketing (closed on weekends). Spoke to Marketing first thing Monday morning but was told we needed to speak to the folks on site. Made another call to the front desk, were told the manager would be asked about different accommodations. They called back with the answer that the resort is full with owners arriving. We were given the 800 number for Member Services. We didn't call them, but alas, they did call us to tell us that any accommodation change would need to be discussed with the Marketing people on site. Are we feeling a little "passed around?" Indeed we are; deceived and very low priority. We decided to make the best of the situation as we just keep watching that parking lot NOT fill up with owners arriving, less than 10 cars this morning between 6:30-8:30 AM, and watching lights in buildings NOT coming on throughout the evening. Less than three other people using spa/pool area last night and actually the quiet this morning is amazing. So the lesson learned here is that "ownership DOES NOT have its privileges." We actually thought purchasing additional points from 2,000 (Owner) to 4,000 (Select) might make us something more than just regular guests, maybe Owners (like the ones that are filling up the hotel) with a little bit of sway. Nope, silly thought. We can actually book a room on line this morning in the Douglas building for less than what we paid in advance for this quaint little "Best Western" quality room. We are still waiting to hear from our sales rep in California, hoping the situation can somehow be salvaged. We're not hopeful and considering selling our ownership. Anyone else have a similar issue, ideas how to resolve or satisfy?