Dwindling rewards.

Discussion created by tjd on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by rlswider

Dwindling rewards.....     i'm lifetime platinum over 1800 nights and 3 million points later.       Yet still it seems next to impossible to get two connecting rooms on points anyplace we go.      Property after property refuse to guarantee connecting rooms.     Many times we get them but mostly it is just "we cant guarantee until you check in."    Of course this is a total lie.    They choose not to in the hopes of a cash paying customer, the fact that i spend tens of thousands of dollars on Marriott hotels every year doesn't seem to matter.     The system doesn't really show any loyalty back,  why do i stay at Marriott after Marriott?  So i can take my family on vacations, kinda be nice to get to rooms connecting with out it being a huge pain in the *** as we have little kids.


Used to be properties were accommodating to high status guest traveling on vacations.   Seems like that is no longer the case.    Why should i be loyal when Marriott can't really guarantee me loyalty back?   late check outs and limited free breakfasts don't really cut it.