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Birthday Elite Night Credit

Question asked by taogillgill on Nov 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by chuchuchu

My birthday was in my profile since I joined the Rewards Programme.  My birthday was in September but the Birthday Elite night credit is still not added into my account.


I called the Customer service hotline regarding this and was told I was supposed to receive an email and I have to register through that email to be eligible for the birthday Elite night credit.


I never received one and asked them to send me one but was told that it is generated by the system and not everyone has it. I then asked about the criteria of eligibility and wether it’s related to my status as a Platinum. The associate on the phone said there’s no criteria, everything is just random.


I find it disturbing and from my understanding I am eligible as long as my birthday is listed on my profile.


Could someone please shed some light on this?