Can't Access Populr Rewards site

Discussion created by ljmoretz on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2017 by ljmoretz

I've been trying to access the Populr Rewards site for several days now to try to use some of my points, and the web site never loads.  I tried contacting Technical Support, but they simply responded that they couldn't help me over e-mail, and that if I had questions about my account to call a number.  The problem is not with my account.  The problem is that the web site is not functional.  I can't believe no one would notice that the site has been down for multiple days.  Any other suggestions on who I can try to get support.  Also, before you even ask, I've tried multiple browsers on multiple devices.  None of them work.  It is definitely the web site that is the problem.  I'm in IT myself, so I know a little bit about troubleshooting.