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How to escalate complaint to corporate

Question asked by rmporto1 on Nov 26, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by anadyr

Hello. Had a bit of a hassle by the night desk attendant at a property in Harrisonburg, VA. I had a reservation at the property to stay overnight as my kids were headed back north to their mother’s. At the last minute, I wind up staying back and only my wife and kids go because I was feeling bad since I just had spine surgery on my neck and am still in recovery.


When my wife arrived, she was refused service because I was not physically there, had to speak to this attendant personally then refused to accept my credit card on file for the room making my wife use hers.


Mind you, we have travelled separately and she’s arrived firstvand checked into my reservations with no issues in the past, has the same UNCOMMON last name, has the Marriott App with all our information in it and her credit card has the identical card number, expiration date and CVV number as mine which is on file.


Lastly, this attendant gave a hard time because we just moved to a disability accesible home on base in SC and have not had enough time to unpack, let alone change out licenses yet.


To say I’m angry is an understatement and to say I want Management and Corporate to address this is also an understatement. I stay at Marriott every single time I go anywhere, to include foreign countries or if I have to stay miles from my destination just to ensure I’m at a Marriott property for this nonsense and hassle to occur.


Finally, her and my kids are checked in but I’m beyond irate and they are exhausted as they left late because of my last minute inability to travel.