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Discussion created by leef on Nov 24, 2017
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Since joining a few months ago, I really appreciate all the advice and insight on this site.


Looking for a little assistance in my MR journey. Please bear with me as I lay out my thoughts.


Problem statement:

- Is it worth pursuing the unknown, yet-to-be published lifetime status, or should I just enjoy both SPG and Marriotts as a gold or platinum until the new guidelines are published?



- Am about to hit my one year mark as a MR member

- I hit platinum in Sep and am enjoying the increased points, but don't see too much of a difference from gold

- I have just shy of 500K lifetime points and will have about 115 nights by the end of the year

- Half my stays are business and half are personal (I commute during the week and stay in hotels, not usually Marriott)

- I have both MR Chase cards and both SPG AMEX cards -- I'm just finishing up the SPG business sign-up bonus (25k for $6K and 10K for another $4K)

- I have only used a handful of points, but have some of them allocated for future vacation travel



- I choose Marriott during business travel for reliable wifi, fitness centers, and breakfast, in that order

- During my non-travel day commutes, I really on require good wifi, as I have access to a gym and breakfast, so it isn't usually worth it to stay at Marriott

- The majority of my travel is within Europe, but a couple times a year it is Stateside, mainly DC

- There are a few Marriotts in the area, which I have used mainly for bonuses

- Status isn't that important to me. I have been upgraded a few times, but I view it as a nice surprise. I do enjoy complementary breakfast during business travel and vacation.



- Lifetime status doesn't seem that important to me at this time, due to how we travel for leisure. I believe I would hit gold in about two years, but it is obviously unknown what will happen

- I'm quite certain I can easily continue making gold/platinum under the current system for at least three years

- I believe I will continue to use points primarily for vacation, but also during commute days when rates spike


Appreciate you indulging me. Would appreciate any suggestions, insight or even criticisms.