Buy an extra 10k Starpoints in 2017

Discussion created by starguy on Nov 22, 2017
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Hey SPG members,



Now through December 29, 2017 we can save 35% on all Starpoints purchases of 5,000 or more.

As you know, members can only purchase 30,000 points each calendar year, however I just found out that we can buy an additional 10,000 points(see screen shot). I already hit the annual limit of 30,000 points, so now I will buy more!


This is soooooo awesome and exciting for me because I'm trying to travel to Cayman Islands for my birthday. The Westin Hotel is going for 600+, so I would definitely save money by using points. hope this helps


Now I just need to get a Passport(yes I have never been outside the USA lol)