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Your Single Most Favorite Marriott Photo!

Question asked by ritz on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by ritz

They are "Worth a Thousand Words"! 


Having admired the memorable photo's of many of you over the years, I would like to share my single favorite, and ask that you share your single favorite!  Having enjoyed photo's of pluto77, with her family in Australia, erc, in Hawaii and with bejacob, the wonderful photo's from Houston with brightlybob, and so many more.  Likewise, the photo's of "Marriott Memorabilia" from anadyr are always most interesting and informative.


Knowing I have forgot so many fine photo's of travels, families, parties, and special memories, please share a "Feel Great" Marriott involved single photo!  Here's mine:



The utter "Joy" of sitting with my brothers, their wives and a Parisian buddy on the sidewalk cafe at The Marriott C-E in Paris!  It was a wonderful week-end none of us will ever forget and a lifelong "Dream come true"!


That's mine, look forward to admiring your's!