Nomination of 2 associates for the Spirit to serve award

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During our trip to Denver region all the Marriotts we stayed at were outstanding, they acknowledge our Platinum memberships and took really good care of us. That was just WOW!


These are the hotels we stayed at:

TPS Denver Tech Center

CY Denver Tech Center

TPS Lone Tree

Denver Marriott Tech Center

Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge


All these hotels have been taking good care of us and there are 2 associates I'd like to nominate in the Spirit to Serve award because these 2 individuals are truly amazing and Marriott HQ needs to know about that.


The first one is John from Marriott Mountain Valley Lodge, he is working night shifts. The reason I nominate him is because he is genuinely nice and sincere to the guests (not like some that feel that they have to "act" nice). We asked him about local trick or treat (our kids were so lucky to spend their Halloween in the US for the first time) and he is very knowledgeable and told us about where's the best place to go (vs. other staff there said you can go to knock on any door - we had no idea where people live as we are at a resort) - even telling us where they can find the spooky house. He is also very kind to our children and my kids tried to share their "moments" with him including their Halloween costumes. Once it was cold outside and he offered the children hot chocolate before heading out (it was after the official hot chocolate hour and again he doesn't have to do that). My kids know who's nice to them and I agree that John is a great associate. He made sure everything is ok with our stay and our little Mountain escape at Breckenridge was definitely a memorable one.


The second nominee is Alyssa from TPS Lone Tree Denver - we arrived late and she took care of our check-in. I asked for Platinum upgrade and she tried really hard to find us one. She first said she couldn't and she was so apologetic and saying that we can get one the next day (we stayed for only one night so we couldn't take her offer). While we were browsing at the market to get our Gift Item she suddenly found a corner suite as an upgrade - never seen ANY associate took that mile to accommodate our request like this. She could have used the time to just take care of her own business. When she got us the suite she told us how happy she is to be able to upgrade us - which is something I have NEVER heard in ANY Marriott hotels.


The next morning she was there again - I got a wrong bill so I went there and she fixed it all up without a sigh. I asked her if she's there the whole night and she told me that she went home and slept for a couple of hours. She looked fabulous - not like someone who slept very little. She told me that she is truly enjoying her work and it gives her the energy. Before she went out for a break she wished us goodbye and a good trip - that's just amazing.