Do you order room service?  If so, often?

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I'm sure this has been discussed before, but...


Just curious and got to thinking how many travelers order room service on hotel stays?  If so, are you a business traveler or leisure traveler?  And if so, how often?  What are your reasons for either choice?  If you are a business traveler, are you ordering room service because it is part of per diem, and would you order room service on leisure trips (less than when on business)?  If you are a leisure traveler, do you forego room service because of the 18% (or "X"%) service charge, because of lack of choices, because of actual food cost, or maybe because you like to explore restaurants in the area?


This sparked from a simple conversation I was having with a couple of people, and turned into an analysis of what type of people order room service and what are the reasons that people do, or don't order it.  We found that business travelers seem to order room service when under per diem, but not as much on leisure travel.   Those with families may order room service on the first or last day of a trip, but tend not to do so as much because of cost.  Those who were single tend to either explore the city or save money.  Those who were in their early 20's rarely ordered room service, viewing it as not cost effective and a waste of money in some cases.


Since the conversation grew and became interesting - as it was something I never though of really in terms of which type of person may or may not order room service, I figured I'd ask the question here and see how the discussion maps to the conversation.