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How to know if you are staying at a quality hotel

Question asked by nw_in_ca on Nov 17, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2017 by nw_in_ca

A basic question involves housekeeping,  does a quality hotel knows when to wash the carpets in guest rooms.  It seems at least at the Renaissance in Minneapolis doesn't know the correct answer, they decided to wash the carpets in occupied rooms!  Good management would know to wash the carpets in unoccupied rooms, because leaving a guest with a soaked carpet is about as low as you can go on the guest service scale.  To add insult to injury the hotel placed a sarcastic note on the door warning me to wear my shoes at all times until the carpet dried.  Maybe an attempt a humor, but when you get back to a wet carpet with so much water on it the entire window steamed up from the humidity, it really didn't seem to funny.  Having stayed in Marriott hotels of all sizes and brands for  nearly 20 years, I've had some service failures over the years, but honestly this was about the most thoughtless and utterly unnecessary failure I've experienced.  It's sad to see how management seems to have forgotten the theme of a book Mr. Marriott once wrote, "The Spirit to Serve".  At one time the book was in each hotel room, maybe it should be reprinted and redistributed to each manager or at least those running the Renaissance in Minneapolis!