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The Wild West of A.I. - Fistful of Talent

I can barely keep up with, so I need to hustle to get up the learning curve. Fortunately, Marriott and their mobile app, that they send me three emails about for every reservation, still has bugs to work out, so I continue old school check in - but it's all coming soon. Perhaps I'll just skip all the technology until it gets to the virtual reality stage and read Insiders' activities and ride along (most likely, my usage will be more like Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green ).


Anyway, take a look at what was presented recently at hotel tech conferences and see what may be coming soon to a hotel near you (from Alice Newsletter);


  • Avvio - Avvio, the only booking engine that guarantees you increased revenue, just recently announced a new AI booking engine, Allora. It’s pretty impressive. They showed us how a hotel’s website would change based on the buyer. Take a golfer, for instance -- if a golfer visits the hotel website, with Allora, the website photos prioritize the golf course, the messaging reflects the sport, and the booking button turns green! Fantastic.
  • OpenKey - These guys are smart and are playing in the inevitable. Now the largest keyless provider globally, yet they are only in eight countries... The industry is moving there. Every door is moving there. Question is, “how long will it take?”
  • Maidbot - The housekeeping robot. This is really just a simple housekeeping tool that saves hotels time and money. Let the little guy vacuum, so that your housekeeping staff can focus on the rest. Congrats to their founder too, Mica Green, on Forbes 30 Under 30.
  • - I am always a big fan of companies where everything about them is beautifully designed. User experience is everything. But this team also truly gets the future of guest advocacy and we are big fans of their product.   (Insiders?)


Dive in tech gurus and talk among yourselves - I'm off to scout out the new Wharf (Whiskey Charlies opens tonight in Hilton's new boutique concept Canopy) and The Yards for potential Double Tipple questions and then off to the Big Apple and besides, I've got little to add, I'll ride on your coattails. Go man, Go .