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Is there a way to get in touch with the corporate office regatding a horrible experience i had at the Courtyard aMariott Perimeter in Georgia? I tried speaking with customer cate and the manager of the property Jerru Clement who was downright rude and ver

Question asked by sassyvet29 on Nov 17, 2017
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Our room has stains on the curtains upon arrival, we were  told we could not move due to the hotel being booked.The next day we leave to attend an event and come back in the evening to find our room not clean a phone call to the desk tells us that housekeeping has gone home and they claimed we refused service.  Not the case because we were not in.our room. The next day comes and a very RUDE manager named Jerry Clement accuses us of lying and says that the maid had been there 5 years and has an impeccable record . Ok so I asked for her to describe us and she can't because she never came to our  room. We were treated so poorly and made to feel as if we were lying the manager offered $20 off while attempting to argue me which does not compensate for my humiliation and horrible treatment. Customer care did nothing but refer me back to this nasty manager. Is this how you treat all of your customers ??? I won't be staying at a Marriott again neither will my friends.  So diappointing.