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Is the Destination Fee at all Marriotts & Autographs? We are paying to recie our platinum benefits?

Question asked by krissler on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by jerryl

Is the destination fee at all Marriotts & Autograph hotels?


At the Lexington in NYC, this Saturday,I was charged $28.69 for the amenities I am entitled to as a platinum member.

I stayed on points and previously received my well-earned benefits without this charge.


The only other so-called amenities not guaranteed to Platinum members included free water? and Citi bike passes for a day. Why would a 70+ year old want to ride a bike in NYC?


Oh, they also provided $30 worth of laundry service. NOT.

If you are required to have your laundry to the desk by 9:00 am and you cannot check in till 4:00 pm, this is ridiculous!