Are you joining the Insider Gathering in DC?

Discussion created by bejacob on Nov 15, 2017
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By now, anyone who logs into Marriott Rewards Insiders frequently knows a bunch of active members of this community are planning to meet in the Washington DC area the last weekend in April 2018.


When we first announced our intentions to hold this gathering, known by most as Double TIPPLE, a good number of Insiders expressed interest in attending. Now that the hotel info has been provided, many have booked rooms at or near our chosen venue, the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel. There are still a few who said they might be there that have not. While there is still plenty of time to make plans, it's a good idea to reserve a room now.


Comparing the list of Insiders who expressed interest in being in DC on April 27-29, 2018 to the list of confirmed attendees, here are the folks we haven't heard from.

  1. clebert
  2. muppetwrangler
  3. ks77
  4. tryt53
  5. azdesertrat
  6. thriftyscrooge
  7. taxman193
  8. scottyt
  9. pingreeman
  10. cktaymd
  11. imjustappalled


I think that's everyone. What the latest? Still want to join? Yea or Nay? Either is fine. We're just looking to make sure the "guest list" is up to date.


superchief1, bpelican, arkwright, ks83, and karen0215 were unsure if they could make it, so were previously listed as "maybes." Whichever way that maybe has gone, let us know (even if it hasn't changed).


You don't have to stay at the Double TIPPLE venue to participate, though given all the fun we had last time, it is encouraged. Please comment on this discussion to let us know if you are no longer interested or can't attend for some other reason (scheduling conflicts, heath reasons, prior family commitments, etc.).


If you do plan to join us, here is the Double TIPPLE Hotel and Booking Info

Once you've got a place to stay (either with us or somewhere in the DC area), leave a comment either on this list or over on the Double TIPPLE (Insider Gathering) Guest List topic. We make sure you're included.


One last thing for anyone totally confused by all this. TIPPLE stands for The Insiders Points, Pints, & Liquor Extravaganza. In case you haven't guessed, quite a few Insiders are fond of drinking. It's called Double TIPPLE, because this is the second one held (the last was in Houston in Sept 2016).


I think that covers everything. Hope to see you there.