Sometimes I have to remind myself...

Discussion created by mightythor on Nov 14, 2017
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So I found out yesterday I have a conference to attend in DC in April at the Washington Hilton.  Knowing that the Courtyard is only a block away, I looked into reserving my room there.  Since I cannot pay more than Federal rate, I always make sure to check that box.  When I did, it gave me one option for a room; a double bed at the current Federal rate.  I almost said "ok, fine", then I decided to check into current packages. Glad I did. Now I have a larger room, with king bed, including hot breakfast in the bistro, for $30/night less than the fed rate.  Sometimes it becomes way too easy to become a creature of habit.....just a reminder to always shop around, even within one's favorite loyalty program.....(and yes, I could have gotten a room at the Hilton, as am also an HH member, but not nearly as loyal to HH, so the points diff/benefit is big).