Response delay from Courtyard Grove City - OH, USA

Discussion created by tamara.oliveira on Nov 13, 2017
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I had a booking at Courtyard Grove City from Aug/12 until Aug/25 but I am having problems because I received a charge in my credit card from Sep/23- a date that I was not at the hotel.

I am trying to contact the hotel for 3 weeks and everytime that I call, I am transfered to the manager that is never available. He repled me once but when I explained what is going on he didn't reply anymre (it was 2 weeks ago)

I work at Mars Inc and everytime that I travel I always look for a hotel from Marriott and most of my coleges do the same. I am really disappointed with the group because this is the first time that I have  an issue and nobody replied to me.

I need to do my expense report until wednesday (Nov/15) and if I don't, I need to pay from my salary this expense that I don't even know what is.


Could you please help me?



Tâmara Oliveira.