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RJ.jpgSome people make a real difference, RJ Harper was one of these.  He started as a Marshall at the Pebble Beach Golf Links, for the salary of five dollars an hour. When he died too soon at the age of 61, he was the Vice President of Golf Operations at the Resort.


RJ was a great man, and one we were privileged to know,


We live fairly close to the course and drew free lessons there: our daughter joined the Pebble Beach Junior Golf Association at the tender age of seven.  RJ led the program and helped her get a new set of junior clubs as she grew to be six feet tall. We met often, RJ always had time to chat, to ask great questions and to listen to us. Always a southern gentleman, he labored long and hard,  balancing time and effort at two US Opens,where I was honored to work with him, and 17 annual AT&T Pro-Am's.  He had time for us as much as he did with the legends of golf. Our daughter was treated to a round at the course with the assistant professional, on him. She shot par. RJ has the first to give her a high five at the 18th green. Later, he proudly assisted former professional golfer, Johnny Miller, in giving her the scholarship that the Golf Association offered.  It was a great day.


The Pebble Beach Resort prides itself on being able to anticipate and exceed a guest's needs. RJ Harper was the best of the best there. He will be missed.