Truly Superior Service

Discussion created by phctourist on Nov 13, 2017
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We spent November 6 to November 10 at the San Diego Marriott la Jolla hotel.  The room was nice and the staff was warm, welcoming,  and helpful. We did notice, however that the Concierge Lounge was seriously understaffed, at times.  At breakfast, on Tuesday there were dirty dishes almost everywhere and we could only find one spot where two could sit together in a clean spot.  The lunge attendant was hustling, but there was no way he could do that job by himself.  After a while he was joined by another attendant and things went smoothly, after that  We mentioned this problem to two employees., Miste Ferig and Alexis Cherici.  We were given vouchers to have breakfast in the dining room and were treated like royalty.  Both Alexis and Miste kept an eye on our service and things went amazingly well.  In the evening, we were treated to wine, by the attendant and it was clear that the two associates, mentioned above had instructed the staff to treat us especially well. 


I'd like to nominate both Miste Ferig and Alexis Cherici for spirit to serve awards.  They personify the word "service."