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Rollover Nights Question

Question asked by sodakbandido on Nov 12, 2017
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I am currently a platinum member. I was not on track this year to reach the 75 nights to maintain platinum status for next year. In October, I was automatically enrolled by Marriott in a promotion where if I stayed 20 nights between October and the middle of January 2018, I will maintain platinum status for the following year. I will likely achieve the 20 night goal which will allow me to maintain platinum status.


Currently, I am at 50 nights for the year and will probably end up around 70 nights overall (15 yet to be added for credit card and several more nights with stays planned). My question is will I still be able to have the ~20 nights over the gold level roll over to next year to help with achieving platinum status the following year? Or, will they not count because of the promotion Marriott auto-enrolled me in?


Thanks for any advice!