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Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card question

Question asked by whowouldanewman on Nov 12, 2017
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I have a question about when I should sign up for this credit card based on my current situation.


Background on me: I am currently a Silver member with 17 nights. I am working on a gold challenge which I expect to accomplish in the next 3 weeks. My annual travel is probably going to be between 15-25 nights going forward. I‘m not too focused on any lifetime statuses. Almost all of my travel is business, and I have to use my work issued Visa for my travel expenses so I can’t use my personal card to book hotels.


My goal with the credit card is to work towards a 7-day hotel/flight package next May. I just got the SPG card and am working on the required spend. I would prefer to finish the SPG spend before moving on to the Marriott card. However, I just came across an offer for 120k points (10 points per $) and no fee first year. I don’t want to miss out on this offer because of the extra points available and the no fee first year. I wouldn‘t be concerned about having the initial spend on the SPG and Marriott card overlapping with this offer like I would with a traditional $3000 in 3 months, since I’ll have 12 months to complete this current Marriott card offer.


However, I am concerned about when the 15 nights towards elite credit would post on the Marriott card. Since I am completing the gold challenge, I assume if the 15 nights posted this year that they would go to waste because only nights over 50 would roll over to next year? But, it also might not matter because my annual nights would be 15-25 a year, plus the 15 for the credit card, and a couple more for every $3000 of spend, I’m still probably coming up short for gold every year without completing a challenge.


Here are my questions:

1) If I sign up for the Marriott card now, when would the 15 nights post? And if they post immediate, would I lose them this year due to no rollover nights over 50 after completing my challenge? I know I would get 15 next year, but no guarantees I’d renew so I’d like to have them apply next year if possible.


2) When do the bonus points post? Since this is 10 per $, I assume at each billing cycle but wasn’t sure on this. For the more traditional 80k after $3000 spend, when do those ones post if I decided to go that route instead?


3) Going forward, does the SPG card make more sense for me to use after getting the bonus points since I can convert them 1 to 3 (I’m not worried about lifetime status, just point accumulation)? Or will this card probably be going away with their merger making it moot?


Thanks for reading my long, rambling post. And, thanks in advance for any help you can provide!